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When was the last time you stopped and had a good look at your surroundings and yourself?

Do you look after everyone beautifully but forget to find time for yourself?

When life takes chunks out of you, do you forget to stop and heal?

By spending a healing, peaceful day with us, you will have time to feel relaxed and calm

Low self-esteem is like driving through life with the

hand-brake on

Kate & Jules - two mad old birds

Our logo represents Kate & Jules as the 'two mad old birds' captured in the spiritual upside-down heart symbol of positivity and love. An unlikely but curiously compatible duo. Some think Batman and Robin, others are not so polite. 

Kate Davies - the arty ideas person with a silly sense of humour. Tall, ancient and rotund with a fascination, respect, love of yoga, philosophy and people. Her super-power is to bring the artist out in everyone.

Jules Barnard - the bendy one, is tiny, energetic, elfin and quixotic. Her super-power is a mesmerising gentle voice which transports you to inner peace!

Both are mothers of young adults and found that after twenty years of intense family life, it was time to get back to themselves. With their life experience and specialist knowledge, they have a lot to offer others who need to learn how to relax, re-focus, regenerate and appreciate mind, body and soul.  

Art & Soul Retreats are designed especially for you. To make you feel good, heal wounds, strengthen, revive,  renew through nurture, nature and peace. 


About us

" The Art and Soul Retreat was the perfect cure for uplifting spirits, soothing mind and body and rediscovering positive energy. It was an amazing spiritual setting with reassuring teachers to guide me through discovery and appreciation of what is good in life."  Karen